here's why you should add video to your marketing mix

Yes, we're still banging on about video marketing....with 100 million people now watching online videos every day and up to 97% of customers being more likely to make a purchase if you have a video embedded on your site, it's something we really can't ignore.

Did you know that by having a video on your homepage you're 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google? Or that creating an enjoyable video ad can increase your brand reputation by an incredible 139%? And the benefits don't stop there, check out our video for the top reasons you should add video to your marketing efforts:



So you see, Good Video Marketing = Sales = Profit = Luxury holidays in the Caribbean (Or something along those lines.)

Now you know why adding video to the mix can improve your overall sales and marketing, you need to start thinking about factors such as visual assets, content, strategy and how to promote through the right social channels. Why not attend one of our FREE Masterclasses to learn more about how to make the most from your marketing budget?


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