14 reasons to add video to your marketing efforts

We’ve been banging on about online video for a while now & it looks like you’re catching on: 100m people watch online video every day, and most of those aren’t related to cats at all. Whether they’re looking for advice, news, or comedy, your customer is 97% more likely to make a purchase if you have video on your site.

It’s a bit more involved than just making one of those generic brand videos: you have under 10 seconds to grab people. 45% stop watching in under a minute, so this is absolutely not the time to remake The Deer Hunter in your explainer film.

Got it? People prefer watching a film to reading text! It’s good for your SEO too: having a video on your landing page makes you 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google. So with all that money you’ve saved on PPC you can now afford to fork out for some fancy video content of your own. So get yourself booked into our visual content masterclass and we’ll show you how.

More details are available at: http://masterclass.hpsgroup.co.uk/masterclasses/visual-content-marketing/

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Managing Director at Breakfast of Champions, an animation, motion design and video production studio in London. We make personality driven films with impact for happy clients all around the world.

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