2014 content marketing trend predictions

Content marketing was the marketing buzzword of 2013, but it’s no longer just an option; it’s the most effective way to engage with the full spectrum of stakeholders by having engaging, interesting and digestible content.

So, what do we think is in store for 2014?

Mobile_First Mobile first

Following the Google Hummingbird update last year, mobile sites and strategies are at the front of all marketers minds. Mix this with the rise of the connected consumer and content continues to be the most important ingredient to engage our audience and achieve that inbound marketing result.

Half of all internet searches now take place on a mobile device and that is expected to rise. In addition to that, 40 percent of all mobile searches were performed with a local intent (According to the recent Google/Nielsen study).
The implication of this is that we need to consider mobile first when creating content – creating shorter, more digestible and atomized content formats that ranks well, but is always:


• Localized (we know where they are)
• Relevant (we can now understand their intent)
• Engaging (we know they type by the platform they are on)
• Connected (providing a mobile, seamless experience)
• Shareable (effortless sharing of information)
• Experiential (maximize the positive social capital in providing an exceptional connected content and social commerce experience)
We will cover many of the above topics at our free 2014 Marketing Trends Masterclass on Thursday 20th February.


Visual_contentVisual content

90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual, proving that visual information is key to learning. When it comes to creating great visual content, brands need to consider the core message, target, tone and shareability. We’ve seen the world of infographics literally explode over the past year and in many cases they are not created with the simplification task in mind….in fact many over complicate and baffle (there is a great article from CMI about How to Keep Infographics from Ruining Your Visual Content)

For visual content, Facebook statistics back up the increased engagement levels for videos (that are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined), as well as photos, which get 39% more interaction than straight text and enable a brand to story-tell what happens behind the scenes and build credibility within their sector.

This area will undoubtedly continue to grow in 2014, also outside of Facebook with the rise of Snapchat and Instagram, we think that social commerce opportunities and e-commerce integration will be a growth area for visual content platforms. Keep an eye on http://www.shopify.com/


Video_contentVideo content

According to Nielsen’s global survey of multi-screen media usage, watching video content on computers has become just as common as watching video content on television. 28% of online consumers watch video on their mobile devices at least once a day, making video the most used content format on this channel.

Our animation division, Breakfast of Champions, has never been busier, creating a multitude of video content types from explainer movies to animatics that enable content to be consumed in more bite sized formats through short videos on Vine and Instagram, leveraging the short attention span of mobile consumers. Take a look at the Breakfast of Champions showreel or read our blog on video content.


Content_tools_and_ROIContent Tools and ROI

We’ve not seen much in the way of proving the value in content marketing return on investment. Social monitoring tools are getting easier to implement and we think that content marketing management and tracking tools will also be on the rise in 2014.

Content marketing KPIs are a direct reflection of your company’s conversion funnel. The measurement used to track a lead’s movement through the funnel should follow the principle objective of the original content i.e. Reach >Act > Convert > Engage (as defined by Dave Chaffey in The RACE Digital Marketing Planning Framework). There are many tools available now to assist in syndicating and tracking how your content is performing; tools like Eloqua, Ceros, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Marketo and Kapost. Or check out The Humongous List of Content Marketing Tools.





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