five ways digital technology has made advertising creatives more creative

I recently read a provocative marketing blog declaring that technology has made advertising communications much more accountable - which it has - and, as a result, made creativity in advertising much less important - which it hasn’t.

In fact I would argue that the very opposite is true: the fragmenting of the media landscape and the rise of a multitude of different digital channels places more importance on creativity than ever before as we strive to make our clients’ message heard above the ever-increasing level of white noise. Here are five of the new-ish ways we are being encouraged to flex our creative muscles:

1Exciting new creative opportunities in the new media landscape

When I first started working in advertising, there was TV, cinema, outdoor, press, radio, ambient and that was it. Now you’ll find a new channel under every stone, each with new creative opportunities to explore. One of the most popular new trends is the filmed experience which few people see for real, but millions see when the movie goes viral. Here’s an example created by Belgian agency Duval Guillaume Modem with over 50 million online views:



2Creating a big impact with a small budget

50 million views online? What size media budget would you need to achieve that? When a teenager on his laptop in the bedroom can get more views across the world than a global advertising agency with all guns blazing, then it’s fair to say creativity is at a premium. With the power of the internet and social media, there are countless examples of campaigns that punch well above their weight thanks to brilliant creativity. How about this Cummins Nitro campaign from a few years ago which generated around £40 million of media coverage from just a few ads in the recruitment classifieds:



3New creative challenges every year

It wasn’t long ago that we were all obsessing about Web 2.0, then social media, then content marketing. Next year, you can bet your life there will be a new trend with new technologies to harness. Each new channel brings new creative opportunities. Have a look at this lovely Twitter campaign from Clemenger BBDO in Australia.



4Web films can push the boundaries in ways TV commercials can’t

Put a film on the web and you don’t need to worry about Clearcast’s code of conduct. The fewer the regulations, the more scope there is to be creative, as Publicis have recently proved with this controversial offering:



5With the right creative, our audience is unlimited

Remember Fenton, the dog that chased the deer in Richmond Park, much to the exasperation of his blaspheming owner? Uploaded for a laugh, the clip was picked up by a radio station in the States and soon it had over 10 million views to its name. The audience for our work is now bigger than ever before, and the cultural influences we are exposed to are also global. The big award winner from 2013, Dumb Ways to Die, has received over 84 million YouTube views.



How many do you think it would have received if you took away the brilliant creative execution? I rest my case.


Creative Director

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