nine things you may not know about video marketing

In the world of digital marketing, video is where it’s at. Engaging, shareable and dynamic, moving pictures can capture an audience’s collective imagination in a way no static advert can. Whether your brand is already flying the flag for video or it’s the final frontier you’ve yet to cross, these video strategy tips and tricks will help you create content that really gets things moving:


1_WHITE-BGIf your video needs a lot of context to be fully appreciated, keep it on site and make it your mission to drive as much traffic to it as possible. Clips should only be shared across social if they can be understood out of context by your average Joe


2_WHITE-BGUsing a leading – or ‘click-bait’ title – can be far more effective than optimising for YouTube with keywords. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and consider what kind of titles make you want to click on them…. just try to avoid promising that your video will help viewers cut down ten pounds of belly fat, unless it actually will! You should also try and keep your title under 50 characters so potential viewers don’t switch off


3_WHITE-BG As far as thumbnails go, it’s not always necessary to choose a frame from the video itself, so take the opportunity to upload a high quality image if you can. If you’re holding a video shoot, take lots of photos so you’ll have a number of options to pick from. Think of the thumbnail like a mini movie poster – when done well, it can increase play rate by up to 35%


 Use the following rules of thumb to analyse your video content:


HPS_icon_75_BW-1If you’re seeing a 30%+ drop off rate in the first few seconds of your video, there’s likely no clear hook

HPS_icon_75_BW-1-520384-editedIf you’re seeing a 50%+ drop off rate in the middle of your video, then the execution is weak overall

HPS_icon_75_BW-1-520384-editedIf you’re seeing a 30%+ drop off rate in the last few seconds then you’re not giving a clear conclusion, proposition or CTA


5_WHITE-BGThere are a few tricks when it comes to advertising on Facebook. First off, your videos should be treated like silent movies. Very few are played with the sound on (think of all those times you’ve sneakily logged in to your account at work). Research has shown you’ll have less than two seconds to grab your audience’s attention, so your clips need to be short and choppily cut. There’s also no need to stick to the standard 16x9 format for this channel



On Twitter, the accompanying text needs to provide the context of the video, so think about how you can sum things up shortly and sweetly




Video marketing platform Wistia gives you scope to gate content with an email collector in the middle of your video. Statistics show that this kind of tool performs best when placed 10-30% of the way into your film. Leave it at the end and you can be almost sure your viewers will be too busy to fill in their details


8_WHITE-BG-1Is your brand active on Instagram? Use video as a “teaser” for bigger content pieces on your site. Whether relying on an in-house team or commissioning an outside agency to work their video magic, ask your producers to come up with a couple of short, punchy clips to support the main event


9_WHITE-BGWant to find out how well your videos are doing? The best metric for any video campaign is action rate, which you can find out by dividing actions (clicks) by the number of views


Of course, the first step is getting your hands on some top quality video content. Watch Breakfast of Champions' latest showreel for some inspiration, or sign up to our next free Storytelling through visual and video content masterclass.



Managing Director at Breakfast of Champions, an animation, motion design and video production studio in London. We make personality driven films with impact for happy clients all around the world.

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