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I write code. Every single day. I actually speak 10 different programming languages. Sometimes I’m more fluent in some than I am in English. When I browse the internet I no longer see websites. Instead, I see the ingenuity of design and inventive solutions. I can’t help but think about the underlying algorithms and programming paradigms powering the whole internet. I feel like Neo seeing through the Matrix, although (unfortunately) I can’t fly away or dodge a bullet – especially not from the testers when they find a bug in my code.


The demand for computer programmers is bigger than ever before, and it’s only growing. I think it’s the best field to be in, and if you’re good you can get a decent salary straight out of uni. The demand is there, but how demanding is it for the developers? The answer is: very. The technology changes a lot, and we need to stay on top of it. New coding techniques are evolving all the time and the existing ones are constantly improved. Some of the giants of the software industry, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook are leading the market by creating their own programming languages. You either learn them and go with the times or your skills in the IT field will very quickly become obsolete.

It seems to me that we take technology for granted. We just want it to be fast and reliable. Whether it’s a new phone, an app or a website, we expect it to be flawless. No one cares what’s under the bonnet, or more accurately speaking, behind the user interface. Truth be told, it’s a long process before the initial idea finally lands on the screen of your device. Even before the coding starts, the client’s requirements might change a few times as hps advises on feasible implementations and estimates the costs of development. In an ideal world, a client orders an apple and gets an apple. In reality, businesses might advise that an orange is a better choice, and what’s worse – the developers deliver a pear.

To me writing a program is like building a complex machinery to dig a hole in the ground. The goal is to reach the Earth’s core, with resources covering building a small well, whilst given just about enough time to dig a grave. In all seriousness, it takes a lot of creativity and engineering skills to build a program, and we have to glue all of the digital cogs together. Normally, there are designated programmers to design the database, other ones to write algorithms, and lastly, front-end developers creating the user interface.

Luckily, here at hps group, we are all full stack developers and each one of us could reach the Earth’s core on our own. We do help each other though because we are one big happy family and, from behind the scenes, we drive our marketing machinery forward. 

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