You've heard the opinions. Now read the facts.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the current state of the automotive market. We’d like to think ours is more valid than most as it’s supported by all kinds of facts and figures that have resulted from many hours of in-depth study and research.

Some of these will undoubtedly surprise you - they may well even change your mind about one or two things.

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While there’s no denying the market is tougher than ever right now, dealers are still letting an extraordinary number of opportunities slip through their fingers. We found that 40% of all customer enquiries were being poorly handled, and a mind-boggling number of them weren’t actually being handled at all.  Yet it’s not all doom and gloom with over 2 million people in the UK still currently looking to purchase a car, new or used.

Find out what’s really going on, where the biggest opportunities are and how best you can exploit them. Download our free 2018 Automotive Insights report below.




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