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It’s that time of the year again to trawl through a zillion and one ads from every corner of the earth looking for the very best of the bunch from 2015. After a long weekend of caffeine-fuelled research, here are my personal favourites.

Working for an agency with such strong automotive credentials, I can’t help but be drawn to work from this particular sector. The first nugget of gold comes from Singapore and shows some truly original thinking that will leave the locals feeling warm and fuzzy about the MINI brand:

Equally clever and every bit as original is this product design idea (nobody ever seems to do just plain old ads any more) from Volkswagen in New Zealand. If this highly persuasive piece of emotional blackmail won’t make parents stick to the speed limit, then nothing will:

These two fantastic ideas have one thing in common. They both seem very small in the sense that few people will ever get the chance to experience them in person. While this is a shame, it hardly lessens their overall impact. Almost 400,000 people have seen the MINI ad on Facebook and more than 150,000 have seen the Volkswagen case study on YouTube, so the reach of these ideas isn’t half as limited as one might have thought.

With Christmas upon us, it would be churlish not to mention the John Lewis ‘Man in the Moon’ commercial, although the cute and clumsy tiny dancer for John Lewis Home Insurance was better still. However, cheeky Aldi stole John Lewis’ thunder with this witty tongue-in-cheek spoof:

But, just to prove I’m not a heartless cynic, I’d like to end with another Christmas film that I guarantee will bring a tear to your eye. Produced in Australia for Christmas last year, it actually missed out on 2015 by a week or two, but I love it so much I’m bending the rules to include it for a grand emotional finale:





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