the basics of brand partnerships

With both parties combining complementary skillsets and working together to achieve common goals, a successful brand partnership is like a good marriage – mutually beneficial. No, we’re not talking about one party doing the cooking and the other doing the washing up – a great partnership helps raise consumer awareness and improve customer perception for both brands.

Of course, like in marriage, it’s not all smooth sailing. Risks can be involved – for instance, both brands are forced to share negative feedback, even if it’s directed at one company in particular. By the same token, positive recognition might be halved, or one partner given more credit than the other. Good communication is at the heart of any brand partnership, or marriage!

Brand partnerships come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and complexities. Here’s a small selection of our favourites:

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Vespa and Armani
A meeting of luxury Italian labels to mark the 130th and 40th anniversaries of Vespa Piaggio and Giorgio Armani respectively. Just look at these stylish customised scooters – è bellissimo!

YouTube and KitKat
Nestle and Google first collaborated when Google named a new Android update ‘KitKat’. They followed this by helping users make the most of their coffee/chocolate breaks by identifying the top trending YouTube videos. In addition, the logo on 600,000 KitKat wrappers was replaced by the campaign name, ‘YouTube Break’, to raise awareness.

Burberry and LINE
Classic fashion met innovative technology when Burberry teamed up with Japanese messenger app LINE. The partnership clad popular cartoon characters in Burberry attire, getting both brands in front of new audiences.

Ford and Amazon
Automotive innovators Ford partnered with tech giants Amazon to triple their fleet of driverless cars in 2016. Amazon even got their digital voice assistant Alexa on board to link up drivers’ homes and cars by voice control. She’s a smart girl, that Alexa.

Heineken and Movember
The Movember initiative has received a lot of support over the years, with brands clamouring to show their support for this worthwhile cause. Heineken did their bit for a number of years with a good dollop of humour.

Intel and Vice
Most major publishers and digital media houses employ specialists to nurture bespoke brand partnerships, and Vice is no exception. The ‘Creators Project’ showcases musicians, artists and designers who incorporate elements of cool tech into their work.

Red Bull and GoPro
What could be more exciting than two brands that are all about adrenaline joining forces on a multi-year, global partnership? Red Bull and GoPro are currently working together across content production, distribution, cross-promotion and product innovation. While we have not focused on our own clients in this blog, it is worth noting that outr work with Nissan and PlayStation on the GT Academy programme fits within this category.

McDonalds and Hasbro
Buy a burger, collect a token, remember how fun Monopoly is, repeat. Everyone’s a winner. McDonalds and Hasbro have been collaborating for a whopping 11 years on the addictive game that lets players accumulate fast food tokens to win prizes.

Brewdog and Honest Burger
Two fast-growing and like-minded brands worked together to create the ultimate incarnation of food and beer awesomeness, while boosting brand awareness in the process. We won’t copy out the whole recipe, but the fact that it included beer-candied bacon should be enough to get your mouth watering.

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MD at hps Jardine. PR, sponsorship and events specialist with an impressive track record in sport and automotive worlds.

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