A paintbrush is essentially just a pointy wooden stick with some bristles on the end. Its potential for changing the way we look at the world will never be realised unless it’s picked up by someone with understanding and skill.

Similarly, data needs to be handled with skill and understanding to transform it into compelling insight that can be used to drive behaviours and redesign products and services to maximise efficiency and profitability.

Back in February, our health masterclass looked at ways to merge data-led discoveries with insight to drive behaviour change in healthcare.

With a unique BI (Business Intelligence) model, our In-Health Managed Service now has the capability to deep-dive hospital data and bring back some real pearls. We’re learning a great deal, from the way asthma patients use inhalers to the general misuse and misunderstanding of A&E. Most significantly, we’re now able to show NHS hospitals nationwide how they compare with the rest of the country and what they can do to improve their services. Everyone knows prevention and early intervention are better than cure, but not everyone knows how redirect resources to make that happen.

Stuart Boyce Hospital BI Model Research

Key to our understanding of the nation’s health is the revelation that no two parts of the UK are the same. This is why our In-Health Managed Service can provide local insights that will enable you to activate highly-targeted marketing campaigns and consequently gain better outcomes.

From gathering local knowledge, we can formulate and activate a strategy that will achieve a mix of three things. One – optimise marketing spend for greater efficiency. Two – address issues with a focus on prevention, early diagnosis and support. Three – increase the number of patients and referrals in your local area.

Of course, this isn’t all about making NHS hospitals more efficient. Our service is helping the private sector generate new business by revealing undiscovered areas of growth and opportunity as well.

If you’d like to learn more about how our data-led discoveries can help your organisation, sign up to our next Behavioural Change Marketing for Health Masterclass.




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