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‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ is a question often asked by inquisitive children.

Whilst they may not have the definitive answer, Breakfast of Champions has tackled the subject head-on with some cracking video solutions for leading ethical egg producer, the happy egg co.

Aimed at educating school-age children and discerning customers about the journey of the humble egg, Breakfast of Champions has created the factual short, ‘From nest to plate’ along with a brand film exploring how a happy egg farm works. Our motion design experts were given free range on the creative and thoroughly enjoyed the egg-sperience of working with this worthwhile brand to share the message that the tastiest eggs come from the happiest hens.

‘From nest to plate’ is currently a key feature of a UK-wide educational tour in which the happy egg company visits shows and schools across the country in their eye-catching yolk-yellow bus.

‘Chick’ out ‘From nest to plate’ and the happy egg brand film:



To see more egg-ceptional work from the egg-sperts at Breakfast of Champions click here



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