customer journey insight: a snapshot

Couldn’t make it to our recent ‘Improving Customer Journeys with Insight’ masterclass? No worries, here’s three hours of insight and enlightenment neatly wrapped up into 10 pocket-sized bullet points:

  1. Today, customer experience is ever increasing in importance when it comes to business performance. But there’s a delivery gap. 80% of brands claim to offer superior experience, but consumers say only 8% of companies deliver on this.



  1. Get out from behind your desks and walk a mile in your customers’ shoes. True understanding comes from empathy.


  1. Undertake a gap analysis of what you already know about your customers against the REACH framework – with an emphasis on ‘emotional’ research.


  1. Find out which research techniques and methodologies work best for your sector, your customers. There’s no one right research approach. Consider shorter, mobile surveys to get closer to the moment.


  1. Be proactive, not reactive. Devise a plan and move away from knee-jerk ‘we have a problem, let’s ask our customers’ reactions towards a more considered data acquisition strategy.


  1. More data has been collected in the last two years than in the history of civilisation. Are you making the most of all the data already sitting within your organisation?


  1. Do you have the right culture and the right team in the room to turn information into insight?


Actionable insight.jpg


  1. Get the customers into your business using personas, internal comms, video and online communities.


  1. Does your organisation have the appetite to change - to turn down the volume on what it currently does, to simplify before it amplifies, to do more with less, to deliver a personalised experience?


  1. Prepare to be surprised by what your customers can tell you – and how far and fast you can move once you have walked a mile in your customers’ shoes.


We’re planning another customer insight session before the end of the year so keep an eye on our masterclass page. Alternatively, get in touch with one of the hps MM-Eye team today and we’d be delighted to arrange a time for a chat.



Managing Director, HPS MM-Eye. Helping you see the world differently.

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