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Dinosaurs In The Wild is a new interactive adventure experience created by the team behind groundbreaking BBC series ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. The show uses high-end CGI combined with animatronics to create a world where visitors can get up close and personal with their favourite tiny-brained bird reptile mega beasts.

Breakfast of Champions was selected to create a fun safety video that would be played to visitors entering the experience. Combining both real-world instructions (keep your safety glasses on at all times) with more tongue-in-cheek safety advice (if you can see it, it can see you), we created a 2D animation that was very much inspired by the playful safety videos you might see on a flight.

Our early character design evolved into this highly stylised father and son, whose bouncy physicality naturally lent itself to the rather slapstick nature of the script.


By abandoning the more naturalistic colours for our characters and backgrounds, we became free to play with a more visually arresting palette that played with tones and enabled a stronger contrast between back and foregrounds.

dino colours.jpg

As for the dinosaurs themselves, we explored two different styles – one more true to life and another more playful, geometric approach.



This was a big team effort, from character design and 2D animation through to compositing and sound design. We’re really pleased with the results and look forward to venturing into the wilds to see the film ourselves.



Director – James Murphy

Producer – Rainy Dias

Production Manager – Miles Paulley

Production Designer – Theresa Hilsden

Character Designer – Juan Molinet

Character Animator – Abhishek Kasegaonkar

Compositor & Editor – Justin Lowings

Animator – Ketan Kulkarni

Designer & Animator - Julia Olsson

Sound Designer – Aaron May

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Managing Director at Breakfast of Champions, an animation, motion design and video production studio in London. We make personality driven films with impact for happy clients all around the world.

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