what makes guerilla marketing so great?

This type of marketing relies on time, energy and imagination rather than big marketing budgets. It’s about targeting consumers in unexpected places, being disruptive and unconventional. We all receive so many marketing messages each day, a lot of them can pass us by. TV adverts and online banners can become just white noise. Great guerilla marketing takes marketing to places you wouldn't expect it and is a great way to grab attention.

To give you some creative inspiration so you can make a lasting impression without blowing your budget I have complied some great examples of effective guerilla campaigns:

Coca-Cola “New Grip Bottle” ad
A disruptive way of grabbing people’s attention making them read the advert.

coca cola grip bottle

A guerilla marketing campaign by Axe / Lynx using emergency exit signs. A great example of how to create a message using an existing sign.

Axe emergency exit sign

Papa Johns invented a new media to promote their home delivery service. This method doesn’t cost much more than a flyer but is much more engaging and effective.

Papa Johns keyhole

Slim Fast – A great example of how just using simple items creates an effective message.

Slim Fast drain

Fed Ex – Competitive advertising showing how big their trucks are.

Fed Ex ups trucks

96.3 Rock Radio – A great example of how they have created something from nothing.

radio air guitar

Digital guerilla marketing

Online I’ve seen a lot of viral campaigns based on the YouTube Takeover technique. It’s a technology that uses interactive Flash video put on top of a branded YouTube channel that fools the user.

This is a great example from Tipp-Ex of how that can be used to create a brilliant interactive and engaging campaign.

Tipp Ex YouTube

Have you got any other examples of great guerilla marketing? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHPSGroup.


Martin Watts is Associate Director and Head of the Digital Team

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