hps wins five awards and loses one of its team

Despite the meanest judging panels for years, we were delighted to pick up a Silver and four Bronzes at the 2010 Fresh Awards in Manchester on Thursday evening with work for Marsh Tackle, Considerate Building, Guardhome Security and Wendover House School. Unfortunately, in the process, we also managed to lose one of our star performers. The emotion of winning two awards at the event proved too much for Jon Sillwood. He was last seen staggering into a lift at approximately 9.35 pm, half-way through the awards ceremony. He never returned to his room, failed to answer his mobile, and was nowhere to be seen when we assembled in the hotel’s reception to return to Marlow on Friday morning. Even Manchester Police and the local hospitals were denying all knowledge of his whereabouts. We obviously hope that Jon is still alive but, at this point in time, we can’t say for certain.


Martin Watts is Associate Director and Head of the Digital Team

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