hps sports day

The date was set, equipment and lanes positioned, the stewards and teams were all geared up for the inaugural hps sports day. Admittedly a little late in the year, but the weather held and four teams competed to win the champions cup

With Ellie at the helm shouting out "on your marks, get set, go" whilst fashioning her ‘Fun Marshall’ fluorescent vest, the blue team took a storming lead, but that included a false start (we were nice not to disqualify them), plus Rory entering every race. As the races went on, purple team started to catch up. Charley gained a very valuable extra 5 points for the yellow team by getting hit with an egg on her head after the egg and spoon race (unfortunately Charley's egg wasn’t hard boiled!).



Sally astounded us all with her welly wanging skills and impressive throw, but in the end yellow and red teams competed for 3rd place with red taking 3rd. The exciting tug of war final between blue and purple teams saw purple pip blue to the post - must have been the extra bicep curls Mike did in the gym the night before.




Fun was had by all and after a successful afternoon, we're now in training for 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Final positions: 1st - Purple 2nd - Blue 3rd - Red 4th - Yellow


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