nerd alert: your bi-weekly update of the latest in digital and social shizz vol. 4

Phil Aiston is currently on holiday whale-watching so I’ve been asked to ‘Phil in’.

I’m not going to try to replicate his fine work, instead you’re getting a glimpse into Khal’s mind. Here’s three tech headlines you should care about this week as marketeers, plus pretty pictures because people have short attention...


social stuff:


1. Instagram launches ‘connect’ button for businesses, to let you directly contact them.

Because if you’re paying a social network lots of money, they want you to at least get some abusive messages and complaints from millennials too cool to use Twitter. See what Marketing Week wrote about it. Or don’t.



2. Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is the first brand to use Snapchat’s new 360-degree ad format to provide users with a “snackable” 10-second ad.

The brand admits the days of 20-minute engagement are “long gone”. http://www.newslocker.com/en-uk/profession/marketing/snapchat-launches-360-video-ads-with-sony/. The campaign promotes SPE’s new thriller ‘Don’t Breathe’, which hits UK cinemas in early September. The film sees three thieves breaking into a blind veteran’s house, only to find themselves trapped inside and fighting for their lives. (You can read my blog about 360 video on the hpd page here…)



3. Facebook’s ad-blocker blocked by ad-blockers. Soon to be blocked by Facebook.

What? Facebook blocked ad blockers last Monday. By Wednesday AdBlock Pro had already found a way to stop Facebook’s adverts. Facebook then blocked it. Then someone found a way round that by Friday. Why should you care? Because it means that tech-savvy people will always block your ads, so suggest some content marketing to your clients. Check out the Register’s explanation here.



funny stuff:

When that guy you ignored on Tinder becomes an Olympic gold medallist

On Friday, Joseph Schooling, 21, from Singapore won Olympic gold in the 100m butterfly event, ahead of Michael Phelps. Sabryna Salazar, a 20-year-old Psychology student from Austin, Texas, Sabryna realised he looked kind of familiar. Turns out, she’d matched with him on Tinder back in April. And he’d messaged her. And she’d forgotten to reply. Truly a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Also, perhaps unsurprisingly, use of Tinder in the Olympic Village has more than doubled, with the web romancing app reporting a mass of new logins in and around the athletes’ accommodation (as covered by Metro here)



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