nerd alert: your bi-weekly update of the latest in digital and social shizz vol. 5

Imagine for a moment, if you will, a 12ft tall woodpecker. Imagine someone gave that woodpecker a gong, and hid little juicy creepy crawlies inside it. Then imagine they place these two things together in the centre of Maidenhead at 2.30am and leave them alone together for two and a quarter hours. Now you understand what it’s like living near the Crossrail development! As you can imagine I’m in a foul mood due to my man flu, a perfect state of mind for writing this week’s Nerd Alert.

So come now, let this week’s edition be your roughly scrawled map, there to guide you through the woodland of digital marketing. May its content be your torch that illuminates the trolls and wolves lurking in the shadows, and may your own curiosity be the long stick that pokes things in the eye from a distance. Read on, and ye shall be forever prepared for this great digital journey we power on through together, like a blind walrus ascending a greased stairway…

social stuff:


Crosspost Videos Over Multiple FB Pages: This is really useful for brands that often want to post video across multiple Pages simultaneously but track performance centrally - it’s basically just become loads easier to do that very thing, including the ability to crosspost to Pages which you don’t have admin rights to. Clever. We’ll look into this one a bit further.

Facebook Testing Vertical Video In Ads:FFS CAN WE NOT JUST HAVE A STANDARDISED FORMAT PLEASE?! I’m sure you folks at BofC will love this wonderful news as you continue to curse the gods of aspect ratios and begin sacrificing interns to the gods of client briefing docs. Anyway, this is inevitable so start prepping yourselves for the impending “can we try this now please?” requests.

Twitter DMs pretty much just Whatsapp now:  “Shall we work on our dreadful targeting algorithms? Nah!” – yet another Twitter feature that no one asked for in place of something actually useful. FFS, TWITTER!!



cool shizz:

Google Jigsaw fighting ISIS: First of all, if you’re going to combat terror, naming your programme after the creepy doll in Saw is spot on. Essentially, ads that Google has programmed to show up for certain ISIS related phrases/keywords will link users to Arabic and English language YouTube channels. On each channel live pre-existing videos that Jigsaw thinks will effectively undo ISIS’ propaganda.

“This year’s pilot program for the Redirect Method was incredibly effective. Over two months, more than 300,000 people were drawn to the anti-ISIS YouTube channels. Searchers clicked on our ads three or four times more often than a typical ad campaign,” developers stated.

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