nerd alert: your bi-weekly update of the latest in digital and social shizz vol.6

It’s nerd alert time, and you’re all ready to bask in the warm stream of this week’s digi-spaff. No doubt this week’s rich digest will pass through you like a week’s supply of protein bars, painfully and mostly unabsorbed. So let’s do this thing - like a puffin with a belly full of rancid fish, I have regurgitated forth the pickings from the ocean of internet-ness. Rummage through the scales and tiny bones to satiate your infant hunger for all things web:


social stuff:

Spectacles by Snapchat/Snap Inc: First of all, Snapchat as a company is now Snap Inc - you should remember that. Second of all, they’ve released a wearable camera in the form of “Spectacles”, which are cool. I say cool from the viewpoint of a partially nocturnal, Vans-wearing, Daddy’s credit card wielding, tight jeaned youth, not a late-20s digital marketer who’s lost all sense of the word outside of an assessment of temperature. Possibly the most interesting bit for we geriatric marketing folk, is the ‘circular’ video format. That’s right, yet another video size format!

Twitter launches conversion objectives for ads: Or it’s alternative title, “Twitter produces the noose with which to hang itself”. When these inevitably don’t work, (because let’s face it, no matter how many ribbons you slap on that turd, the turd is still comprised of dreadful targeting and profiling metrics), we’ll hopefully be able to say once and for all, Twitter is bad for paid advertising. Only in beta in the US for now, so no-one get too excited.

Facebook Canvas gets 360 video and canvas-in-canvas features: I can’t really muster much excitement about this, it is what it is. ITAU, a Brazilian bank, used a Canvas with a 360 video in it to tell an immersive story for children, highlighting its work to support education.

cool shizz:

The Visual Agency: Because data visualisation can be sexy too. This is the Instagram feed of an Italian agency who specialise in said visualisation - they post a different little visualisation each day. And because that example was more for my amusement than the masses, here’s another piece of ‘Cool Shizz’. Actually, this one’s mainly for me too (HA!!) – TheLeagueOf shows the world’s major tech companies reimagined as American Football teams and given uniforms and helmets in their brand colours. I guess I just admired the web build and design. Shotgun not team Twitter!

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