nerd alert: your update of the latest in digital and social shizz vol. 7

Here we go again - I am your Chewbacca, feet firmly on the sail barge, Nerd Alert is the blind and flailing Han Solo, extending forth his vibro-ax as you slowly but surely slide ever further into the sarlacc pit of info-ignorance, where you will slowly be digested over a thousand years (the new Star Wars is out tomorrow, I’m gearing up):


social stuff:

Facebook including multiple products in single ads:
Facebook is testing a different kind of product ad that lets retailers showcase more than one item in an ad. Instead of focusing too much on targeting a user with a single product, the goal is to give people enough items that might prompt them to shop more. It’s easier to understand when you’ve seen it - click the link, see the pic, buy the t-shirt.


Snapchat gets better geotargeting:
Due to their link-up with Foursquare, which gives them access to all sorts of useful location data and which will enable advertisers on Snapchat to target ads at people on a very narrow geographical level, the article suggests that you will be able to reach people based on their location within an individual retail store, which is pretty terrifying/amazing (delete as appropriate, depending on how much of your soul the advertising demons have taken).

Facebook testing job ads:
Another of the ‘Facebook is testing a feature which might not ever actually exist’ announcements, which I’ve included just because it hints at Facebook taking a run at LinkedIn. This is a feature which lets businesses advertise vacancies on a specific tab in their Page, and similarly lets users apply through said Page, interact with the company’s HR team via Messenger, etc. Obviously the extension to this is the ability to pay to target your job ads at people - OBVIOUSLY.


cool shizz:

Teeny Recipes:

It’s like Tasty by BuzzFeed, but in an indexed gif form. Basically a search engine of micro-video recipes. You’re very welcome. Oh, and this morning my attention was drawn to this Instagram Storyby Bacardi USA, essentially using the format to work like a set of DJ decks. Not mind-blowing in execution (or more likely I’m just a crap DJ), but interesting to see a creative take on a new format.

tenny recipes.png


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