new hps group film breaks the boundaries


We’re so busy grafting on client business that it’s almost impossible to find time to promote our own. But Breakfast of Champions, part of the HPS Group, love nothing more than an impossible challenge, and the team in Covent Garden have been busy burning the midnight oil to produce this little gem that tells our story using a unique and quirky animation style. (The musical tribute to the legendary Tony Hart is just a happy coincidence.)

We should probably come clean - we started off trying to sum ourselves and our ‘Outcomes Matter Most’ philosophy up in 60 seconds. In the end, we found there was too much good stuff to cram in, so please excuse us for going just a tiny bit over. If you’ve got 63 seconds to spare, why not take a look. We really hope you like it.




A passionate marketing prof, trend and innovation watcher, Associate Director @TheHPSGroup, oh and my best job, a Mum. Love life, fam, fitness and sausages (the dog variety)

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