why personalised point of sale is the smarter way to sell

Retail must change. If it doesn’t, it’s going to die. Savvy shoppers, who do their research online, often only visit the high street so they can touch and feel a product, which gives physical outlets a unique advantage to build on.

Retailers can’t tailor their ads, recommendations and product selections based on past purchases as Google, Apple or Amazon can, but they can personalise the point of sale and turn the shopping trip into a retail experience.

Recommending the best product

Our clever friends at The Creative Engine have recently finished working on an interactive touchscreen Lens Selector tool for Currys PC World.

After asking customers what make and model camera they own and what kind of pictures they like to take, it recommends a lens to fit their camera, avoiding potential confusion and giving the customer the confidence that they have made the right decision. Convenient, right?

Speaking the customer’s language

The most relevant personalisation is also one of the simplest: language. In cosmopolitan cities like London, you can’t predict the native tongue of whoever is browsing your product next, so delivering content in several languages can really pay off.  

The Creative Engine are currently rolling out a refresh of the Nest Retail Touchscreen, increasing the number of languages to six and allowing shoppers to switch between them by tapping on the screen. Seamless!

Playing the long game

Personalising digital POS also helps customers engage with a brand or store in the long term. Done well, it even removes some of the sting of them leaving without buying, as they’ll take positive feelings about the products being promoted with them.

For example, the spec-specific displays produced for John Lewis can give customers the confidence they need to make a purchase – or come back later rather than heading to a less informed rival.

Retail in action

Simon Young is Business Development Director for The Creative Engine, a world-leading creative agency developing retail experiences for some of the biggest names on international high streets. We’ve had a long-standing partnership with the team at The Creative Engine and we both love a challenge. If you’ve got a brief that you think we could look at, give us a bell today.   


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Head of Business Development, Retail7

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