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Pop into Breakfast of Champions in the New Year and you’re sure to be introduced to the Pixies who have recently taken up residence in their Covent Garden offices.
These Pixies have come all the way from New York where they were awarded for brilliance in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Animation. Sponsored by the American Pixel Academy, the Pixie Awards are the established benchmark across the world in what is the fastest-growing area of the moving pixels industry.
You can imagine how chuffed Breakfast were to pick up four Gold Pixies, all for different work. This included the Bridgestone Heritage Film with Valentino Rossi, a challenging piece that used vintage archive material, a greenscreen shoot and some very fiddly compositing. (No, I don’t know what that is either.)
Gold is hard to beat, of course, but in this case not impossible. Breakfast also picked up a highly-prized Platinum Pixie, which is rarer than rocking horse poo. Awarded for a sweet Adizio explainer film, this was a particular source of pride for Breakfast boss, James Murphy:

“…as it showcases what we try to do so often – take a complex message than tell the story in a simple and engaging way.”

Expect even more pixie dust to be sprinkled on Breakfast productions in 2015.



Managing Director at Breakfast of Champions, an animation, motion design and video production studio in London. We make personality driven films with impact for happy clients all around the world.

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