Why is it that people often assume you’ve got to dive straight into facts and figures with a B2B campaign? Again and again we see brands so obsessed with the technical stuff they completely forget the need to engage with the audience.

Brands should focus less on the fact it’s B2B and more on the principle that regardless of purchase method, we’re simply talking to people.

We’ve been busy turning ourselves into experts when it comes to people. We commission our own research on considered purchases to uncover why and how consumers buy. We’ve created a unique research technique called ThoughtScapeTM to give us the richness of qualitative studies in high volume. And we’ve got a chunky in-Group strategy and insight team to constantly fuel our thinking. All with one objective in mind. To understand what makes people tick.


All of this has led to one clear finding: if you want your audience to buy your stuff and believe in your brand, you’ve got to create campaigns with emotion (if you’ve been along to one of our ‘emotional content’ masterclasses you’ll have heard us banging on about this already).

And we’re not alone. Daniel Kahneman – quite a big deal in the world of behavioural economics and the “most influential psychologist alive today” according to Ted Talks – proved that even the most rational of purchases are made using emotion (the System 1 part of your brain as he calls it). In fact, his study showed that, in most cases, 95% of all decision making is done by our ‘gut’.

So, when we were thrown a brief from 3M to target serious procurement teams with the latest operating room (OR) solutions, we jumped at the chance to practice what we preach.

We did some extensive research and found that, contrary to popular belief, they’re not motivated by price. They want to deliver the best outcome for the patient. They want a solution they can trust.

We used emotion to connect our audience to the brand. A brand that isn’t just a technically advanced, pioneering producer of OR solutions but a force for good, driven by a need to treat every patient as part of their family. One that goes above and beyond for the best patient outcomes.

Health - Doctor

We brought our proposition ‘every patient is a part of our family’ to life through a series of short videos following a surgeon from their ‘home life’ tucking the kids into bed to their ‘work life’ in theatre – demonstrating the same love, care and attention in both scenarios. They’re due to go live in 14 countries in the next few weeks – 3M’s internal stakeholders have described our approach as a bit of a game changer.

We’re in the final production stages of a new film for 3M, still with emotion front of mind, expressing ‘out loud’ the key concerns patients have when going under the knife and how our ‘heroes behind their masks’ (the surgeons and nurses) deliver the very best care. It’s gritty, raw and very emotive. Once again proving the power of putting emotion in the mix when it comes to B2B.




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