Looking at a recently published review of 2018 IPA Effectiveness Awards it’s striking how emotion is at the heart of all the winning papers and over half of them have emotion as their main creative strategy. And what’s more, the use of emotion as a creative strategy has been on the up since 2014.

It’s not just in the world of advertising where emotion is top dog. It’s all the rage in the worlds of product design and customer experience.

After a 5 year period in which big data and technology have been hogging the headlines, it seems like businesses are refocussing on the person who is the customer. And where there are people, there are always emotions.


So, understanding the emotions which consumers feel when engaging with a brand, ad, product or experience is a key activity for business success. And there should be a plethora of research techniques which enable you to do this.

However, in the real world, measuring emotion is hard. Businesses want rigour, so they turn to quantitative research. Yet most quant techniques engage with the more rational, deliberative System 2 processes of our brain – and bypass the all-important emotion. So, in a quest for emotion, we turn to qualitative research which suffers from a lack of rigour.

HPS MM-Eye have developed ThoughtScape™, a revolutionary research approach to measuring emotion, to provide the best of both worlds which businesses crave; all the robust measurement you get from quantitative research, all the emotion you get from qualitative. At the heart of the techniques lies cutting-edge AI text analytics which convert text into data, whilst retaining all the meaning and emotion.

We will be running an Insight Masterclass on Researching Emotion and ThoughtScape on 8 March at the Groucho Club in Soho, where we’ll be outlining the importance of measuring emotion, showcasing ThoughtScape and sharing the results from our own airline branding research to illustrate the ThoughtScape difference. If you are interested in attending, please click the button below.




Managing Director, HPS MM-Eye. Helping you see the world differently.

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