Sabah brings Bhangra to hps

Yet another staff perk for HPS employees has been introduced this year with free lunchtime Bhangra dancing lessons, courtesy of the lovely Sabah. Bhangra began as a folk dance conducted by Punjabi farmers in the 11th century to celebrate the coming of the harvest season, and the specific moves reflect the manner in which villagers farmed their land. This folk dance has now been popularised in the Western world by immigrants from the Punjab in Pakistan and India. Sabah firmly believes: “Bhangra is the best way to exercise as you use almost every single part of your body – it’s also totally fun!” There are still a few places available, so if you’d like to give it a go please get in touch with Sabah today. As well as the regular lunchtime classes, Sabah will be running a separate ‘Dancing Dads’ Bhangra course for Geraint, Dan and Richard S using popular wedding classics and with a member of the St John’s Ambulance team in attendance.



Martin Watts is Associate Director and Head of the Digital Team

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