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If you weren’t able to make it to last week’s Video Voodoo masterclass,
here’s a little distilled black magic:

DCSmtlSXcAAzcKw.jpg1. Video works because it delivers messages in a way that makes it easy for your brain to digest.  Carefully consider your video content and you can create a more human relationship with your customers

2. Take time to define your video marketing strategy rather than dropping money on ad hoc projects.  What type of video content is best suited to a particular stage of the customer journey?

3. Don’t put out on the first date.  Think of telling your story in a series – people like snackable chunks of content

4. Control your branded environment.  YouTube’s great, but be careful

5. Promote your video.  You’ve spent money on making the film, now do the same for promotion

6. Democratisation of video technology.  Now you can afford access to drones, VR, sophisticated post-production tools

here are some of the best bits

If you'd like to amp up your video content or would like some advice on the types of marketing videos suitable for your business, get in touch with Breakfast of Champions, our super clever, geeky animation and motion graphics team.


Managing Director at Breakfast of Champions, an animation, motion design and video production studio in London. We make personality driven films with impact for happy clients all around the world.

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